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went to my aunt's christmas party last night. i was claustrophobic (so many people!) at first, but eventually i relaxed and actually had a pretty good time. i have three burns on my left hand from my various baking adventures over the last week. one is right on the side of my index finger's knuckle and hurts like a bitch.

so far i'm really liking dreamwidth. the crosspost feature makes it super handy to post to both journals at once.

does anyone else use their dreamwidth account at all? if so, let me know, i will add you.

today i am going to clean my room, finally, it's a disaster. yesterday, while i was out, my roommate rearranged our living room. it is much more handy now, and the computer is on a real desk and everything. it's pretty awesome.

i'm gonna go see if there's an apple turnover left that i can eat, take my meds, shower, get dressed, and then maybe actually be productive.

my parents are going to be here in three days. we need to get the living room painted.


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It is so short and jumbled and jangled, Sam, because there is nothing intelligent to say about a massacre. Everybody is supposed to be dead, to never say anything or want anything ever again. Everything is supposed to be very quiet after a massacre, and it always is, except for the birds.
And what do the birds say? All there is to say about a massacre, things like, "Poo-tee-weet?"
- Kurt Vonnegut

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