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Jan. 6th, 2020 08:16 pm
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this journal is (partially) friends only.

The Basics
my name is alix, i'm 22 years old. i'm a dual citizen of the united states and canada, so my sense of national pride is always a little mixed up. i'm trans/gender/queer. i prefer male pronouns, but you're welcome to use a gender-neutral set if you happen to know one. i currently live in edmonton, alberta, canada, but i grew up in the midwest, outside indianapolis, indiana. i'm currently going to school at the university of alberta, where i'm a year and away from finishing a major in history and a minor in creative writing, and currently work as the opinion editor at our school newspaper. when i'm done here, i'm not sure where life will take me — maybe journalism school, but we'll see.

i live in a two-bedroom apartment about 20 blocks from campus, with my roommate cassidy and her cat, billie. they're both pretty awesome. home is a good, warm place full of love and laughter and music. i'm incredibly lucky and really happy with life these days.

i'm only peripherally involved in fandoms these days -- if i had to pick one, probably bandom, with a focus on fall out boy. but i've lost most of my connections and live far more in the real world these days. however, if you want to squee about anything, i'm more than happy to squee along with you.
marvel comics, particularly iron man. transmetropolitan. sandman. fables. locke & key. watchmen. umbrella academy. v for vendetta. batman: the dark knight returns. i'm always looking for recommendations.

hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy - douglas adams. close to the knives - david wojnarowicz. catch-22 - joseph heller. slaughterhouse-five - kurt vonnegut. genius - james gleick. i, claudius - robert graves. no one passes - matt/mattilda bernstein. a short history of nearly everything - bill bryson. good omens - neil gaiman & terry prachett. the lord of the rings - j.r.r. tolkein. sappho. rainer maria rilke.

star trek. iron man. watchmen. better than chocolate. love actually. sin city. serenity. the fall. star wars (original trilogy). but i'm a cheerleader. hedwig and the angry inch. rent.

matthew good (band). fall out boy. panic at the disco. ani difranco. sleater-kinney. pansy division. charlotte sometimes. the hush sound. cobra starship. empires. the faint. hawksley workman. le tigre. phantom planet. mindless self indulgence. amanda fucking palmer. the dresden dolls. my chemical romance. the weakerthans. alix olson. ludo. less than jake. great big sea. forgive durden.

queer as folk. boston legal. house. dexter. rome. nurse jackie. dead like me. firefly. the daily show. the colbert report. the closer. in plain sight. criminal minds. pushing daisies.

i'm incredibly left wing, and fairly anarchist/socialist. fair warning: i don't like obama. i've been caring less and less about gay marriage these days, and more about anti-assimilationist movements, about living on the margins and being an outsider. if you tell me that anarchy is just chaos, i will metaphorically slap you.

i don't read as much as i used to (school always has me so fucking busy), but i write a lot. i write a non-fiction/personal/radicalgender zine called "gendrfailz." i dabble in poetry and a very little in fiction, i'm still in the planning process of a graphic novel tentatively called all hands on the bad one.

i am unapologetically queer. i'm more than happy to answer questions about my gender identity or sexual orientation, but there are certain things i don't like. don't ever ask me: "why can't you just be happy the way you are?" because i am. but if you have an honest question, i probably have an honest answer.

Body Modification
last count: 13 piercings (3 of which are retired), 3 tattoos, earlobes stretched to 1/2". body modification has become an incredibly important part of my life. a lot of my entries will refer to my piercings or tattoos or my future plans. it's an ongoing process, and the way i make my body my own.

a lot of my personal posts are locked. just comment here and i'll add you. please tell me a little bit about yourself or add me first so i can take a peek at your journal. if you're looking for fic, there's none here. racists, homophobes, transphobes, KKK members, bigots, supporters of the american family association, misogynists, "radical" feminists who think transgenderism is a lie, etc. etc., not apply.

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Hi! Mind if I add you?
You seem interesting and we have some common interest.


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It is so short and jumbled and jangled, Sam, because there is nothing intelligent to say about a massacre. Everybody is supposed to be dead, to never say anything or want anything ever again. Everything is supposed to be very quiet after a massacre, and it always is, except for the birds.
And what do the birds say? All there is to say about a massacre, things like, "Poo-tee-weet?"
- Kurt Vonnegut

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